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Mi Solutions are business software specialists, particularly in the area of accountancy software, providing consultancy, installation, training and maintenance for your business software solutions.

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Xero Accounting Software

Run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go. Invite others to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice. Keeping your data completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen. These are all great benefits that the right accounting software can provide your business.

Mi Solutions have over 20 years’ experience in accounting software and have dealt with all the main providers. We will work with you to find the best possible accounting solution for your business, ensuring all your accounting needs are met. If you want to know more just click the button below!

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Xero Training

With over 20 years’ experience in software installation, software training and software maintenance we are ideally placed to help you and your staff get the most out of your chosen software solutions.

Xero is an accounting software for PC, iPad & Mac. It is currently our most popular accounting software among our clients and we offer in depth training for your staff so they can successfully manage the software after we have installed and integrated it into your system. Xero allows you to easily manage & grow your business in the cloud and with over 2 million subscribers & counting it is fast becoming a market leader in the accounting software arena.

Xero is a the core accounting software for over 800 Apps to help you with anything from bill uploads, card payment, direct debits, job managements systems etc.

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Service M8 Job Management

With ServiceM8 you can easily simplify and streamline your business operations. Take control and work smarter from the client’s first call through to scheduling, quoting, job completion, invoicing and payment.

With a wide range of features allowing you to Manage jobs & staff, Quote & invoice on site, Capture signatures, Record notes, photos & videos, Complete PDF forms, Accept credit card payments, Sync with your accounting package and more besides.

MI Solutions can help you and your staff get up and running with ServiceM8 quickly and without fuss, as well as offering training and ongoing technical support for the application and any technical issues that may arise.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services – servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and more – over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Once seen as the future, cloud computing is now the industry standard approach to managing data due to it's many benefits when compared to traditional on site servers and physical storage.

Mi Solutions has it's finger on the pulse and is well placed to help you bring your business up to speed and into the cloud. Click the button below to see how you can benefit from migrating to the cloud.

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100's Of Companies Trust MI Solutions


"We engaged Mi Solutions to help us update our accounting software and migrate our data storage to the cloud. It was the best decision we ever made and only wish we had done it sooner!"
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Quality Service Always At Your Fingertips


We look at your system, listen to your requirements and recommend the best fit software for your business ensuring the system is within budget and has the features you require. All free of charge!

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Software Setup

Setting up a new system can be a headache, including importing opening balances, customers, suppliers, stock, bank data and setting up reporting structure. Don’t panic we’ll help you with this!

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Software Training

Moving from one system to another for staff can be stressful. We carry out one to one training with your staff to put them at ease with the new system and ensure they don't have a melt down!!

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Support & Maintenance

You need help? When you get up and running, there will be issues you come across that you can't manage to handle yourself. We’re here to help.

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Rewired: Preparing for turbulent times

According to our Business Rewired report, 2.6 million small business owners in the UK have genuine concerns about the future. They worry about broad business issues like late payments (54%), cyber-attacks (27%) and tax rates (44%). But they also worry about things like Brexit (44%), employee recruitment costs (19%) and increasing levels 

of productivity (31%)

It’s a challenging time. More than a third (37%) say this is the most turbulent period they have ever experienced. Plus many have pumped an average of £11,846.45 of their own money into their business..

But the good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom. There are great opportunities in store for those ready to embrace them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements, hyper-connectivity and technology that could spell the end of late payments. Businesses of all sizes are also becoming more socially conscious, less reliant on email and computer screens. They are also more fluent in hiring staff with multiple jobs.

Here are some things we’re starting to see now, and can expect to see more of in the not-so-distant future.

AI: A force for good

AI is already impacting small businesses. According to leading business futurologist Gerd Leonhard, “Automation is reducing the need for humans to undertake routine tasks and the world of work is heading towards a dramatic reset. Everything we assume about work, jobs, training and education is being challenged by exponential scientific and technological progress”. He predicts that AI will change the 9-5 and could cut working hours by up to half. It will also kill the 30-day payment model, spelling the end of late payments.
Finding purpose

According to the Business Rewired report, nearly half (43%) of small business owners prioritise their business’ purpose over its profits. Best-selling SME author, Sunday Times columnist and podcaster, Emma Gannon, believes that this will be true of nearly all small businesses, as they will become more purpose-driven, rather than process-driven. “If your employees want some flexibility, a meaningful new business project – or something beyond just monetary value – will keep them with the company for longer” she said.
Connected everything

Even in 2020, over a quarter (28%) of small business owners say they have been affected by bandwidth and internet connectivity issues. As more businesses move over to the cloud, having intermittent internet connectivity isn’t an option.

The good news is that the UK Government’s £40 million investment in 5G and higher speed internet access will help everyone get online a lot faster. For businesses, this means doing more business and doing it better.

The end of late payments

We already know that late payments are a big problem. According to Xero statistics, small businesses are owed an average of £23,360 in overdue invoices on any one day. The average small business owner can only survive for 12 weeks if they suffer a “bad” month or two from late payments.

The good news is that end-to-end digital transactions, cloud accounting and a change in the number of companies that individuals work for, will require the setup of a new type of payroll. The long and short of it is that payments will continue to get a lot quicker – which is welcome news for everybody.

Business owners are right to be cautious and concerned about what the future holds. But it’s also important to keep sight of the more positive changes that are happening in the market. Those that get on the front foot and invest in the latest technology will benefit from the advances quicker than anyone else.